Snow White – The Gateway Princess

If you ask my 2 1/2 year old what she wants to be for Halloween, she’ll tell you one thing:

I’m not sure how she even knows what Halloween is, but she wants to be Snow White.

The problem is, I don’t want her to be Snow White.

For the last two Halloweens, she’s been something of my choosing. In other words, something super cute that makes me look at her like the little baby girl she is.

Now, it seems like Snow White is the first princess to infiltrate my princess-free fortress we’ve worked kind of hard to build.

And she wants to be Snow White for Halloween.

We’ll have at least 10 or 12 years  – at the most – of her dressing up for Halloween, and already, she wants to jump into princesses? As far as I am concerned, a Disney princes costume is a gateway drug…it opens the doors for costumes like this:

And I’m not ready for that.Wait- I will never be ready for that.

I want to keep it cute. What’s wrong with these?

How long can I keep the Disney Princesses from entering my castle?

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