Snow White Panties

I really thought we’d be out of the Snow White phase by Christmas.

That’s why when my toddler started telling me she wanted, “Snow White pahhnties” I told her, “Yes! Of course! Snow White panties! You’ll be a big girl!”

I mean, this is what the Internet was designed for, right? To help parents find super detailed Christmas present requests. And really, Snow White panties? Those things must be all over the place.

She told anyone who would ask her what she wanted – including Santa Claus himself. (Mom got a weird look for that one) She told teachers and friends, family members and doctors. She was all about Snow White pahhnties.

Well, it turns out Snow White panties are not all over the place. In fact, they aren’t anywhere.

My only hope was JCPenny. Online, they advertised “Princess panties” and in the photo with the description, there was one pair of Snow White panties. It was just enough to match my daughter’s request. Ordered. Done.

Or so I thought.

When I received said panties there was no Snow White to be found. It was all Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. No Snow White.

So, I took them back and scoured the stores searching for Snow White panties. I went to WalMart, The Disney Store, Macy’s, Target- anywhere you would find underwear, I was there.

I bought Winnie the Pooh undies, Rapunzel undies, Dora (gasp!) undies and Disney Princess undies (sans Snow White, of course). Surely, I could change her mind and get any other panty request in her head in time for Christmas, right?

I planted the seed, and every day when I asked her about what she wanted for Christmas, I’d say something like, “How about those Rapunzel panties? Pretty cool, huh?”

To which she would reply, “Snow White pahhnties!”

My work was cut out for me. I enlisted the help of my husband and her daycare teachers to help out and tell her all about how cool it is to have Winnie the Pooh or Dora panties. Anything but Snow White.

And, as we were driving the other day, I thought I had won the good fight.

“Honey, what do you want for Christmas?” I called out to the back of the car.

“Snow White pahhnties,” she replied.

“How about Rapunzel or Dora panties?” I asked.

“OK. I want Dora panties,” she said.

YES! YES! YES! I screamed inside my head only to hear this just 2 seconds later…

“and Snow White Pahhnties.”

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