Snow White Panties: Part 2

So, a lot of you responded to my post this week about Snow White panties, and how, despite the fact this is the ONLY thing my daughter is asking for Christmas, we cannot seem to locate said Snow White panties.

You helped me out. You searched the Internet. You gave me ideas about where to look.

But sadly, no luck in the search for Snow White panties.

But my husband had an idea. And idea so great, I was afraid there might not be any implementation of said idea.

“What if we got regular toddler undies, and some iron on transfer paper, and I downloaded some Snow White images and ironed them on?”

Yes! Fantastic! Perfect! One more thing for me to do before Christmas!

“I’m going to run out and get everything we need to do it.”

My husband, all 6 foot 2 of him went to Target to search for plain, white toddler panties. And when he couldn’t find the toddler panties (“They’re not in the underwear section!”) he had to ask a sales person where the toddler underwear was.

And then that sales person took his man card.

Just kidding.

So he came home, underwear, iron-on paper and is ready to go with his craft project. All to make our daughter’s one Christmas wish come true.

And that, my friends, is why I married this man.

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