How to choose the gender of a baby? Plan My Baby is a book that contains tried-and-tested methods that can help couples choose the gender they want for their baby. It is authored by midwife Alicia Pennington, who did extensive research about various baby gender selection techniques and hand-picked those that proved best-she even tested them personally twice and enjoyed success both times. The information she had uncovered and is sharing aims to assist couples planning to conceive to get the boy or the girl they’ve been dreaming of.

How to choose the gender of a baby? Get Plan you Baby´s Gender Today NOW:

How to Choose the Gender of a Baby

Before going straight to the Plan My Baby review, it’s important to understand at least the basics of Pennington’s work. The book values the differences between the female (Y chromosome) and the male (X chromosome) sperms. These hold the key to how a baby’s gender can be determined; if you know what they are, you can modify particular environmental factors that are known to influence which sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first. To illustrate, the female sperm swims slower compared to the male sperm; meanwhile, the male sperm has a shorter lifespan than the female sperm. Pennington then gives a three-step guide that couples can use to get the baby gender of their choice.

The Pros

Although the book is not perfect, there are many things couples will truly appreciate about the methods Pennington highlights.

The book recommends only natural, risk-free methods. There are no drugs involved in any of the techniques mentioned, making them completely safe to the mother, father, and their baby. Couples who are not willing to take risks on their health will find this book a great option.

The book is not run-of-the-mill, nor is it a random post suggesting the personal opinions of inexperienced individuals. It’s created by an expert after years of extensive research. Pennington rendered services in midwifery for several years before becoming a full-time baby gender author and consultant. She also attended multiple courses centering on preconception before writing her book.

The book’s guide is comprehensive yet easy to follow. Pennington cuts to chase and presents only the proven techniques so couples can get an accurate guide. What’s more, it is written in a systematic and concise manner that is simple to understand-it even has graphics to assist you in the task of conceiving a boy or a girl, whichever you and your partner prefer, without difficulty.

And lastly, the book offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee. That goes to show that Pennington is very confident of her methods and has enjoyed excellent feedback from her clients.

The Cons

Like what’s been said earlier, the book is not perfect. It has its share of downsides.

Like most of the best systems out there, 100% success rate cannot be guaranteed. While many of those who purchased the book and used its tips came out happy and satisfied with the results, it reiterates that there is really no surefire way to get the baby gender you want.

And finally, the book can only be found online.

In sum, this Plan My Baby review finds that Pennington’s book offers invaluable information that may prove vital to getting the baby gender you want. While it’s wise not to get your hopes up in any endeavor, following the methods presented will do you no harm.

How to choose the gender of a baby? Get Plan you Baby´s Gender Today NOW:

how to choose gender of baby


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