Not A Good Listener

Here at the Fabulous household, we’ve entered the rationalizing phase of toddlerhood. It is awesome, really. I can do things like offer choices when The Girl demands one thing or starts acting out:

The Girl: I want a LOLLIPOP for breakfast!

The Mom: Okay, you can either have milk, or nothing. What do you want?

The Girl: I want MILK!

And she’s also starting to get the whole “time out” thing, which was not really working for us before. And, by “getting it” I mean, we try to give her time out and she jumps out of her seat the second we are out of sight.

But I think I’ve found the one thing that really concerns her – not being a good listener.

It seems that at daycare, if you are labeled as “not a good listener” it is like being ostracized from the class community. Much like being a leper, I suppose.

And if my toddler is acting out, well, then she is not being a good listener.

I learned this one day when we were talking about school.

The Mom: How was your day today?

The Girl: Ryan is not a GOOD LISTENER, Mommy!

The Mom: What? Really? Ryan? Not a good listener!??

The Girl: I a GOOD LISTENER, Mommy. I am!

Learning that not being a good listener was probably the epitome of a slander statement at school has really empowered me as a Mom. Because now when she’s acting out, or is, well, not listening to me, all I have to say is this sentence:

You’re not being a good listener right now.

And immediately she snaps out of her tantrum or drama-queen moves and starts to listen.

For about 5 minutes.

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My Present to You: Baby Socks That Stay On

Moms and Dads, Ladies and Gents, I present to you the Holy Grail of Childhood Fashion:  A baby sock that stays on.

Why is it so hard to find a baby sock that stays on a baby’s  feet? I’ve tried Carters and Old Navy, Target and Wal-mart, even fancy schmancy Baby Gap socks, and you know what? They never stay on. It seems like I’m always missing one. Sometimes I wrangle shoes on The Boy just so his freaking socks will stay on.

In the summer it didn’t matter so much, but in the winter? The Boy can’t go around without SOCKS for crying out loud.

Okay, so back to the sock that actually stays on. Here’s the deal. I kind of sort of swiped it from daycare. Okay, not REALLY, but this pair of socks found their way into The Boy’s diaper bag, and I have no idea where they came from.

People, this is a problem. Because, being the ONLY pair of socks that actually stay on The Boy’s feet, I want more. I want to stockpile these socks in every size.

Alas, I only have one pair. And despite me examining every stitch on these socks, I cannot find a tag or name to get more.

So will you help me, Internet? Where can I get more of these socks? And do you, fabulous readers, have any suggestions on socks that stay on babies’ feet? Because there’s no way I am washing these puppies every day.

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