Not A Good Listener

Here at the Fabulous household, we’ve entered the rationalizing phase of toddlerhood. It is awesome, really. I can do things like offer choices when The Girl demands one thing or starts acting out:

The Girl: I want a LOLLIPOP for breakfast!

The Mom: Okay, you can either have milk, or nothing. What do you want?

The Girl: I want MILK!

And she’s also starting to get the whole “time out” thing, which was not really working for us before. And, by “getting it” I mean, we try to give her time out and she jumps out of her seat the second we are out of sight.

But I think I’ve found the one thing that really concerns her – not being a good listener.

It seems that at daycare, if you are labeled as “not a good listener” it is like being ostracized from the class community. Much like being a leper, I suppose.

And if my toddler is acting out, well, then she is not being a good listener.

I learned this one day when we were talking about school.

The Mom: How was your day today?

The Girl: Ryan is not a GOOD LISTENER, Mommy!

The Mom: What? Really? Ryan? Not a good listener!??

The Girl: I a GOOD LISTENER, Mommy. I am!

Learning that not being a good listener was probably the epitome of a slander statement at school has really empowered me as a Mom. Because now when she’s acting out, or is, well, not listening to me, all I have to say is this sentence:

You’re not being a good listener right now.

And immediately she snaps out of her tantrum or drama-queen moves and starts to listen.

For about 5 minutes.

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