You are 29 weeks pregnant? This is the first week of your final trimester. Your baby has to grow some more to reach the required birth weight. He has his organs maturing now which demands more nutrients each day. So it is important that you have your daily intake of calcium, folic acid, iron etc. It has now become a time pass for you to track his movements because he is doing a lot of it in there. Read on to find out more about 29 weeks of pregnancy.

29 Weeks Pregnant: How your life changing in this 29th Week:

Your baby is now doing all sorts of movements and keeping your time ticking. You would have already been advised to keep a check on your active baby by counting the kicks every hour. Do let the doctor know if you feel he is less active.

You may develop varicose veins as the blood volume has increased in pregnancy. As a result, the blood vessels are swollen. This can happen in your rectum also, called hemorrhoids. But, it is nothing to worry as they become normal after delivery.

The hormone progesterone relaxes a number of muscles in your body which results in slow digestion. This causes constipation and heartburn in many of you. It is a good idea to have a diet rich in fiber so that you don’t get constipation. You could also drink plenty of water and do regular exercises.

Most of you may not be able to see your legs anymore when you stand all because of your expanding belly. With the increasing weight, you may feel dizzy when you lie on your back or suddenly stand up. You could sleep on your side and change your positions slowly so that these spins don’t bother you.

29 Weeks Pregnant: Baby’s growth on 29th weeks Pregnant:

By week 29, your baby has a weight of about three pounds. In the coming weeks, he doubles or triples his weight. His wrinkled skin becomes smoother with the white fat deposited under his skin. This fat acts as a source of energy for him to do all the movements.

As already mentioned, your baby is active more than ever. You may keep counting his kicks every day. You feel these jabs more intense because of the bigger baby and lesser space in your uterus. He responds to everything like light, sound and your movements.

His organs like lungs are on the way to being mature and his head grows bigger to accommodate the brain. His bones require a lot of calcium now that they are strengthening. You may continue drinking your daily glass of milk or replace it with calcium-rich orange juice or yogurt.

There are more developments happening this week. He starts forming teeth-buds for permanent teeth in his gums. Let’s say he has built the foundation for those sparkling white teeth!

29 Weeks Pregnant: More info about this 29th week:

You are likely to have urinary infections in this month. Make sure that you talk to your doctor if you feel a burning sensation down there when you pee.

Now, here is a way to do the kick count. While your baby is active, keep your feet raised in a comfortable position. Start counting the kicks. If you get less than 10 movements in an hour, speak to your doctor about it.

It is common to feel your legs swelled up or numb during this period. Ensure that you move about enough during the day and include iron in your food. You may have noticed your breasts leaking colostrums, the first milk for the baby. Take precautions like keeping breast pads to ease the discomfort.

Some of you may start having migraines in the third trimester. You may lie down quietly in a dark room for relief as taking medicines is not much recommended at this time. You may notice that your nails are dry and brittle these days and growing at a very fast rate. Trim them regularly to keep them healthy.

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