While the amount of benefits that breastfeeding the newborn baby is not an issue, employers do not always provide the new role of a mother who returns to work after childbirth; the challenge then becomes an invaluable achievement of the woman who has a nursing baby and also has to work outside the home is not to abandon exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your baby;

Here are some suggestions to consider:

1Pumping at Work: Where to pump

If your employer has not provided a Lactary suitable place for the collection and storage of breast milk, requested an adequate space as an office for private meetings, areas dedicated to the kitchen that have refrigerators, indicates that it will use an interval approximately 20 minutes. Check that the place has hookups use an electric pump.

2Pumping at Work: If your baby is under 6 months

If your baby is under 6 months of age, it is important to give exclusive breastfeeding, for it seeks to express milk at least 2 times a day for eight hours a day and will stimulate milk production, otherwise, production will decrease and you really forced to use formula milk.

3Pumping at Work: Equipment

Make sure you have enough to preserve milk containers available, labeled containers placed in the refrigerated and used to transport ice substitutes.

4Pumping at Work: Schedule

Do not let go more than four hours without removing the breast milk, or else suffer from inflammation in the breast, and annoying shooting pains could also trigger an infection.

5Pumping at Work: Relax

During extraction is important that you feel relaxed and think about your baby, watching you imagine your face, it will distract your attention from work stress now that you’re back at work and learn to enjoy the moment.

6Pumping at Work: Organize your time

As soon as your workday ends, it’s time to go home; leaves overtime for another time, think your little baby has spent all day looking forward to seeing you and your arrival. Organize your time to perform the most complex labor activities in the early morning, so that you do not see tempted to stay longer at the end of your day to end the backlog. If you have other activities at the end of your journey you make sure you take the breast pump and adequate packaging, pause to express milk.

Although these working conditions are not all favorable, it is no reason to abandon breastfeeding, remember that until 6 months of age your baby is recommended breastfeeding exclusively and over time you will see the results of all your efforts.

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