“It’s a full moon night
Jack-o’-lantern glows up by a candlelight
It’s time to celebrate a spooktastic Halloween night”

Halloween season is a time of year to celebrate and enjoy a lot of fun-filled activities such as trick-or-treating, enjoying Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into Jack-o-Lantern, playing some funny and scary pranks, listening to spooky stories and much more. And for our little kids, Halloween party is incomplete without fun and foot-tapping dance songs. So, let’s introduce some delightful All Hallow’s Eve songs to kids and make their night spooktastic.

Popular Halloween songs to enjoy:

1Five Little Pumpkins

“Five Little Pumpkins” is a well-known All Hallows’ Eve song for kids that also helps the kids to learn number count. This classic children’s song can be enjoyed as a finger play or a dramatic play. This Halloween, make cute felt finger puppets and use while singing the song!


2The Raven

“The Raven” is a well-known narrative poem, written by American writer, Edgar Allan Poe. It was first published in January 1845 and was appreciated for its stylized language and supernatural ambiance. The storytelling showcases Raven’s mysterious visit to a distressed lover. The poem has used various mythological, folk, religious and classical references.


3Five Little Monsters

“Five Little Monsters is all-time favorite kids’ Halloween song in the fall and around Halloween. It is a popular All Hallows’ Evening rhymes enjoyed and sung by kids and they love to act it out.


4The Haunted House

“The Haunted House” is a joyful Halloween poem sung by the kids on All Halloween celebration. The rhyme is about funny spooky characters such as ghosts and witches, making different sounds while running here and there in a haunted house.


5Flutter Little Bat

“Flutter Little Bat” is a fingerplay Halloween song for kids. It is a great song to be added to your Halloween playlist!!!



“Jack-o-Lantern” is one of the most famous All Hallows’ Day songs for the little children. During All Hallows’ Eve celebration, kids enjoy carving the pumpkin into Jack-o-Lantern and decorating their homes. The song is about a simple yellow pumpkin, which is carved to represent facial features and a lighted candle is placed in it to make it shine.


7The Spider and The Fly

“The Spider and The Fly” is a poem by Mary Howitt, which was published in 1829. In the song, the story is about a cunning spider, who traps a naïve fly through the use of flattery and seduction.


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