I have fond memories of riding around in plastic toy cars when I was a child. And now, there is a much higher level of detail and quality that goes into these toys (kids nowadays are so lucky). I appreciate the ones made from metal and/or wood with upholstered seats, etc. But, I’ll save my spiel about all the different types for another time… for now, I just want to give you a few ideas about what fun there is to be had with these ride on toys!

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Below is a list of fun ideas to have with your child and their license to drive:

2. Have a Mini-race

Participating in a mini-race can be as simple as getting together with several little friends with their own pedal vehicles and racing around a safe path or it can be more involved, such as entering organized races. If your child is very interested, they may even love having their own toy car customized. Imagine a pedal car customized with “sponsor” logos as they participate in their first organized race!


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