I have fond memories of riding around in plastic toy cars when I was a child. And now, there is a much higher level of detail and quality that goes into these toys (kids nowadays are so lucky). I appreciate the ones made from metal and/or wood with upholstered seats, etc. But, I’ll save my spiel about all the different types for another time… for now, I just want to give you a few ideas about what fun there is to be had with these ride on toys!

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Below is a list of fun ideas to have with your child and their license to drive:


1. Arrange for a play-date activity

Pedal cars and other rides on toys keep children entertained for a long time and are a great outdoor activity. Many parks have paved trails that are perfect for riding along that children can explore together. Whatever their style of pedal car, pedal plane, or pedal train, the number of games and adventures they go on is unlimited.



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