Kids toys are not only designed and meant for play pleasure, relaxation, games, and fun -they are also essential as great tools in health, mental and academic development of kids.

How can a toy change your kid’s life? You may ask. When a child involves in processes by playing, they tend to become creative and develop abilities that would go on to build their academic prowess.

Toys are undoubtedly beneficial to kids and can help to change their lives in no small way. A toy can change your kids’ lives in different ways. Toys serve as the building blocks for the future of your kids.

Toys educate your kids about themselves and the world. One way a toy can change your kid’s life is by sending messages and communicating values generally, some of the ways a toy can change your kid’s life are in the development of

Today I thought I would share a few of totally fun gift ideas for toddler boys.  Fun gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and holidays. Let’s go shopping for fun gifts!

1Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Little Tikes Cozy TruckBUY NOW

Litlle Tikes

A kids truck with the durability of Little Tikes and the fun of our Cozy Coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start and stop. Use it indoors or out. Kids will love the working door and tailgate of this ride on toy.

  • Flatbed with a drop-down tailgate
  • When the floor is in, little ones’ feet are protected when parent guides
  • Removable floor board (colors may vary)
  • Rugged “off-road” wheels
  • Gas cap opens and closes
  • Steering wheel with a working horn
  • Distinctive truck styling with realistic front grill
  • Driver’s door opens and closes

Ages: 18 months to 5 years

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2Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Little Tikes Tough Workshop

Little Tikes Tough Workshop, BUY NOW

Little Tikes

  • Fun kid-size workbench playset with 11 accessories
  • Plastic hammer and nails help develop hand-eye coordination skills
  • Saw “cuts” pretend wood boards
  • Sliding doors reveal plenty of storage space
  • Includes play nails, hammer, wrench, built-in saw and vice clamp

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3Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing, Blue, BUY NOW

Little Tikes

his outdoor baby swing is the perfect addition to any swing set. A T-bar and straps hold the child securely in place and can be removed as the child grows. It’s a baby swing and a toddler swing in one!

The 2-in-1 Snug´n Secure Swing is easy to use and just right for babies and growing kids who love to swing!

  • T-bar that rotates down for easy loading and unloading.
  • Adjustable stay-put shoulder straps hold baby securely in place.
  • If using with a child who doesn’t require the T-bar or straps, the T-bar moves to the bottom of the swing and store conveniently out of the way.
  • Maximum weight limit: up to 50 lbs.

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4Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox, BUY NOW

Little Tikes

Dig into the action and load up on the fun with this construction site sandbox. Playing in the sand just got more fun with the fun Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox. This sandbox has an excavator that really works to pick up sand and load it into any truck. Ramps and roadways are molded into the sand area, and the durable truck ramp doubles as a lid to keep the sand dry during tough outdoor weather. This sturdy sandbox holds up to 100 pounds of sand and is ready to be filled with imagination.

  • Sand area features molded in ramps and roadways
  • Use the real working excavator to dig in the sand and load up the dump truck
  • Truck ramp doubles as lid to keep sand dry
  • Accessories included: 2 characters, sand cup, sand sifter, shovel, rake, dump truck

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5Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse, BUY NOW

Step 2

Your Toddler will have a ball with the Step2 Wonder Ball Fun House! This magical playhouse has an open design and bright color scheme that will fascinate children. Tots will develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they toss the balls onto the roof and throughout the playhouse. The compact frame of the fun house will fit inside a playroom or outside in the yard. The Wonder Ball Fun House will keep your kids active for hours!

  • Working Dutch door provides open and close play
  • Flip the balls into the house or into the maze with the included flipper
  • On the outside, toss balls on the roof and watch as they fall through the maze of activities, making fun plinking sounds as they go!
  • On the inside, place balls on the planks and watch the fun “plinko” effect
  • Bottom basin is the perfect place to store the balls once playtime is over
  • Includes 20-piece play ball set plus a pitcher and pot

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6Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy, BUY NOW


The VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier is an electronic playset for toddlers 12 months and up. The car carrier is loaded with three vehicles and three animal characters for busy toddlers! The magical sensor on the back of the car carrier identifies the vehicles when they are rolled over the sensor. Insert the animals into the hot spot to hear the related animal name and sound identified. A variety of play features and buttons teach the age-appropriate curriculum. Load up and let’s go!.

Put Playtime and Learning into Overdrive

The car carrier playset is full of activities to keep young ones busy as they learn. Toddlers can press the number buttons, animal buttons, and horn button to hear numbers, colors, short tunes, fun phrases, animal names, and playful driving phrases. Your toddler will be fired up to find three vehicles and three fun characters that fit nicely in the suped-up car shaped carrier. The small cars actually recognize each character when they’re snapped into the driver’s seat. Plus, a proximity sensor recognizes vehicles as they drive by playing fun phrases for each passing vehicle. Toddlers can push the three vehicles, a car, jeep, and tow truck, over the sensor on the back of the car carrier to hear a variety of phrases, sounds, and music. Little ones can also push or pull the electronic learning toy to hear a variety of vehicle sounds, phrases, songs, and melodies. This electronic learning toy drives home important lessons with its CB radio that introduces colors, numbers and musical learning.

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7Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, BUY NOW


From baby steps to big steps the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have endless fun as they learn to walk. Start out with the easy-to-remove activity panel for floor play or on-the-run fun, then step it up with the fun-to-maneuver walker. Spinning gears, five piano keys, three colorful rollers, three light-up shape sorters, three light-up buttons and a telephone handset offers endless fun that will stimulate your baby’s learning and develop their motor skills. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker keeps baby on track teaching shapes, colors, animals, music and more.

  • Interactive learning walker features a removable play panel
  • 5 piano keys play musical notes and encourage creativity
  • 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons develop motor skills
  • Telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun
  • Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases

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8Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver, Buy NOW


Drive into learning fun with the Turn and Learn Driver by VTech. Your little one will love pretending to drive using the steering wheel that causes the cute dog character to move back and forth. Press the five colorful buttons and your child will be introduced to different animals and vehicles. The fun car design encourages imaginative play with a traffic light, a signal level that triggers fun sounds and music and a gear shifter that pushes and pulls to introduce opposites. The toy car also has three play modes so your little driver can learn in animal, driving and music mode.

Intended for ages 6 months to 3 years.

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9Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, BUY NOW


Introduce your little one to the world of smartphones with the Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech. With pretend apps, watch them call home, check the weather and organize their day… just like mom and dad. Includes sliding screen for two modes of play: learning and music.

The Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech captures your child’s imagination with their very own smartphone for role-play fun. Slide between screens for two modes of play on this educational toy with twelve light-up pretend to learn apps or switch to music mode to play fun melodies and sing-along songs.

Vivid colors and a touch screen engage your child as they role-play by calling family, friends, or even their stuffed animals. The “Home” button feature allows you to record and save your home number for learning. With a pretend calendar, clock and weather apps your baby learns about the day while the touch screen and slider build hand/eye coordination.

Your child will discover and explore with fun sounds and sing-along songs that introduce ABCs, 123s and first words. Its realistic role-play fun and learning on the go.

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10Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset, BUY NOW


Ready, set, learn! Pull the racing flag to launch the race car and zoom around exciting courses with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset by VTech! Develop language and motor skills while navigating obstacles and racing through three incredible features including a 360-degree loop, spiral, and ramp. Place the race car in the electronic pit stop and pretend to fill the gas tank and make quick repairs while hearing fun phrases, music and learning colors.

  • Enhance your child’s creativity through playtime with Go! Go! Smart educational toys; kids build a 3-foot long race car track to push vehicles through
  • Interactive role-play features include a flag launcher, rocking platform, pit-stop buttons and flip-ramp; includes 70+ sing-along songs, sounds, and phrases
  • Car track features VTech SmartPoint technology; comes with 8 SmartPoint locations that interact with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger fun phrases and music
  • Vehicle set includes one SmartPoint race car that teaches the letter R and the name of the vehicle through pretend play
  • VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels and Animals track pieces can be connected for maximum play; 
  • Frustration-Free Packaging means it comes easier to open in a plain brown box

A great early learning center for children ages 1 to 5

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11Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

The Little People Animal Friends Farm is filled with animals and down-on-the-farm fun! Open the barn door or the gate to hear animal sounds or a fun farm tune. Little farmhands can help Farmer Eddie place the animals in their stalls by matching them to their pictures. Drop the hay bale (or even the animals!) through the silo for even more farming fun!

At this farm, toddlers get to hold a horse (or a pig or a sheep or a goat) in their hands! Definitely not something they can do at a real farm. They can put each animal in its stall—just match each one to its picture! The Little People Animal Friends Farm brings the world of the farm down to size to help toddlers figure out what real farms are about—where the animals live and what they say. It also helps them imagine what a real Farmer does to take care of the animal friends.

At first, your little one will explore the Animal Friends Farm in a tactile way—just touching everything and moving the figures! But as toddlers grow, they’ll start discovering that they can make things happen on this farm, like opening a door to hear a ‘moo’ or a ‘neigh’. And before you know it, you’ll hear them creating stories of their own with Farmer Eddie and all the animal friends.

As toddlers open and close the doors to hear animal sounds, they’re discovering cause and effect. Dropping the haybale (or other figures) through the silo or placing the animals in different places encourages dexterity and grasping skills.

What’s in the box?

Includes Barn, Farmer Eddie cow, goat, chicken, horse, sheep and pig figures, and hay bale.

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12Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Fisher-Price Little People Tow ‘n Pull Tractor

Fisher-Price Little People Tow ‘n Pull Tractor, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

Tow and pull, tow and pull, the tractor wagon is nearly full-full of fun that is! Toddlers can press down on Farmer Jed in the seat to hear a fun tune. So load the pig and cow on the tractor and get moo-ooving!

  • Toddler-appropriate vehicle play with your Little People friends
  • The farmer fits in the driver’s seat and directs all the action
  • And as toddlers push the vehicle along the pig pops up and down in the hay for fun surprise action
  • Includes tractor with pop-up pig, farmer figure and cow

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13Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Fisher Price Little People Songs & Sounds Camper

Fisher Price Little People Songs & Sounds Camper, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

Kids come along for the ride as Eddie, Aunt Zoe and their dog take off on exciting camping adventures! Little ones hear fun sounds and a camping song as they roll the Little People Songs & Sounds Camper along. When they open it to set up camp, they’ll activate more sounds, phrases, and sing-along songs. Time to go fishing! Eddie hops on the fishing boat with his pole to see what he can catch for dinner. (Press down on the tree stump to hear fun phrases about fishing!) And when it’s time to eat, flip the picnic table over to see what’s for dinner – and dessert, too. No campout would be complete without a campfire, songs (and s’mores, of course!) Press on the tree stump to make the fire glow … hear fun sounds, phrase, and a sing-along campfire song … and even watch cute little critters pop up. After a long day, it’s time to put Eddie, Aunt Zoe, and your toddler to bed. Just close up the camper (everything stores inside) until their next big camping adventure. With so much to see, do and hear, the Little People Songs & Sounds Camper is the perfect vehicle for giving your child a taste of the great outdoors!

‘Vroom, vroom!’ The adventures get rolling as toddlers push the Little People Songs and Sound Camper along to fun sounds, phrases, and a camping song. And when kids open the camper, it transforms into a cool campsite, complete with bunk beds, picnic table, chairs, glowing campfire, game table, a rock with pop-up critters – even a fishing dock, boat and fishing pole with a ‘live’ one at the end! Plus, there are more than 40 sounds, phrases, and sing-along songs, and 5 activation points to make the role play fun more real!

At first, little hands will love just grasping and moving the figures, or revving up the fun by rolling the camper along.Soon enough, they’ll discover they can make the campfire light up and all sorts of sounds and phrases happen—even music! As they grow, you’ll see them packing up the camper to head out on the road for another exciting camping adventure!

All the hands-on activities – like pressing the rock to have critters pop up, pushing the stump to make the campfire glow and songs play, or flipping the picnic table to hear more songs and phrases – help build fine motor skills. (Eye-hand coordination, too!) Plus, little ones are learning about camping and fishing, animals, and animal sounds – all valuable lessons for the great, big world.

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14Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Power Wheels Thomas Train with Track 

Power Wheels Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

Hop on and hit the trail with the Power Wheels Thomas the Train! Realistic details add to the real driving fun for your toddler. Toddler-friendly features perfect for the littlest riders includes a large push-button on the handlebar for simple stop-and-go operation and built-in footrests. 6-volts of battery power are strong enough for real driving fun! All kids have to do is push the button and go! Ages 1-3 years old, the weight limit is 40 lbs.

Built Fisher-Price tough with strong tires, a sturdy base, a contoured high-back seat, and fun Thomas the Train styling details! Power Wheels Thomas the Train engine is low enough for toddlers to easily get on and off by themselves. High-back seat supports and makes it comfortable for toddlers to ride all around. The Thomas the Train Power Wheels vehicle is a real driving machine that drives 2 mph (Max.) forward and features tires that perform on both hard surfaces and grass. Perfect for outdoor play!

Motoring Skills!

Power Wheels Thomas the Train allows kids to drive a “real” train style vehicle! This fun “grown-up” experience gives kids a feeling of independence, accomplishment, and self-confidence—all of which are important to healthy social and emotional development. Learning to go forward, steer, stop and go is good for them, too. Physical motion aids in the development of motor skills, balance and body awareness, and built-in role play feature fuel endless imagination (and of course, it’s just plain fun and exciting).

Safety, Durability, and Quality…

Every Power Wheels vehicle is built Fisher-Price tough, with innovative play and performance features you won’t find in other ride-on. Power Wheels vehicles come with a comprehensive One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty backed by 300 service centers throughout the country. Before they’re produced, Power Wheels vehicles are put to the test on our own in-house Quality Assurance Test Track to ensure quality performance, mile after mile. They’re put to the test by kids, too, in the Fisher-Price onsite Play Lab and through the Fisher-Price in-home test program, to make sure they’re age-appropriate, easy to operate, and of course, fun to drive.

What’s In The Box?

Power Wheels Thomas the Train, Power Wheels rechargeable 6-volt vehicle battery, Power Wheels 6-volt charger, and Owner’s Manual.

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15Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Fisher-Price Power Wheels Nickelodeon Blaze & the Monster Machines Lil’ Quad

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Nickelodeon Blaze & the Monster Machines Lil’ Quad, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

The Power Wheels Blaze and the Monster Machines Lil’ Quad vehicle combines sporty ATV styling with awesome toddler-friendly features! It features vibrant Blaze colors and graphics and is designed specifically for toddlers with the easy push-button operation and comfortable footrests. 6-volts of battery power provides a fun, but safe 2 mph maximum speed. And it rides low, so it’s easy for little ones to get on and off by themselves. It’s as sturdy as it looks – and just as much fun to drive too!

The Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad vehicle puts kids in the driver’s seat of exciting ATV adventures, whether they’re cruising the sidewalks of Gotham City or off to save the day in their own backyard! This Power Wheels Lil’ Quad vehicle is designed for the very littlest 4-wheelers with cool Batman colors and graphics, toddler-friendly features and rugged styling that will make your child’s first ride an awesome one. There’s even a secret storage compartment to stow crime-fighting gear!

Safety, durability & quality are built in

The Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad vehicle has strong, wide tires that perform on hard surfaces and grass. The sturdy low-rider base makes it easy for toddlers to get on and off all by themselves, and the footrests make the ride comfortable. The maximum cruising speed of this Lil’ Quad vehicle is 2 miles per hour – fast enough to be fun, but slow enough for safety. And to keep it simple, it only goes forward. All kids have to do to make it go is push a button, and they’re cruising all on their own!


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16Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Power Wheels Lightning McQueen

Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars Lil8217; Lightning McQueen, BUY NOW

Power Wheels

Little ones can get into the high-octane fun and excitement of the Disney•Pixar hit Cars 3 behind the wheel of this Power Wheels® Lil’ Lightning McQueen ride-on! With cool racecar sounds and real phrases from the film (in English and Spanish!), wide door openings for easy in and out, and a max speed of 2 mph (3.2 km/h), this sweet ride is perfect for the youngest of drivers. Just push the start/stop button and vroom! Your little driver will love creating all-new adventures with this rad ride-on!

A Lil’ Lightning McQueen race car for the youngest of drivers. Three sounds modes let you choose English or Spanish phrases plus cool racecar sounds, or race car sounds only. Drives 2 mph max. on hard surfaces and grass with a single push-button operation for easy stop and go and wide door openings for easy in and out. Includes 6-volt battery and charger. Requires 1 AA battery.

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17Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple, BUY NOW


Nuby’s BPA Free Octopus Floating Bath Toy is a fun and interactive toy to make bath time more enjoyable. The cute and engaging toy comes with one floating octopus and three rings to toss on the octopus’ tentacles. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate your baby’s senses. This toy provides endless fun in the bath or pool!

  • Includes 1 octopus and 3 rings to toss around the tentacles
  • Helps develop baby’s hand-eye coordination
  • Fun colors and shapes stimulate baby’s senses
  • Floats in water to make bath-time or pool time more fun
  • 18 Months + / BPA Free

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18Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – 3 Bees & Me Magnet Boat Set

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys – Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers & Kids, BUY NOW

3 Bees & Me

Made with environmentally friendly BPA free materials, this fun toy playset comes with four twin boats that float. The order of colors may vary but each boat has a magnet that hooks to the next boat in line with numbers 1 2 3 and 4. Safe for kids 18 months and up these are top toys for boys and girls and make a great gift!

These popular bath toys for toddlers have issued a US government patent and offer a fun, educational way to learn about colors and shapes, as well as help enhance motor skill development and encourage imagination and creativity.

Perfect Size for Little Hands

Their small, round designs are easy to grip and free of sharp edges, which make them fun to play with for kids of all ages – from babies to 2-year-old toddlers to 3 and 4 years old preschool to kindergarten and older children who like to play in the bathtub. And because they’re made with such durability, kids can enjoy these bestseller girls and boys toys for years to come.

Play Time Is All the Time

Whether they drive ’em, fly ‘em or dunk ’em, these girl and boy toys are ready for action! Kids can take them from the water to dry land to the water table and back again without skipping a beat. These versatile toys can go just about everywhere your kids’ imaginations can take them. And because they’re waterproof, you don’t have to worry about breakage or deterioration when wet.

Treat your child to an exciting new collection of bath toys and get 4 toys for the price of one! They make great birthday gifts, Easter presents and Christmas stocking stuffers too!

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19Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – John Deere Sandbox Truck and Tractor

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle 2pk, Truck and Tractor, BUY NOW

John Deere

This sandbox vehicle set is a hit with parents and kids alike! These vehicles are perfect for the sandbox because of their durable plastic construction and child-friendly designs. This vehicle two pack is ideal for children ages 18 months and older. Outfitted in the popular John Deere green and yellow color scheme, these vehicles feature free rolling wheels and fully functional parts. Kids will love the moving dump bed on the dump truck and can really get the job done with the working front loader on the tractor. Kids will really get the job done in the sandbox!

Perfect for the sandbox because of their durable plastic construction and child-friendly designs, this vehicle two pack is ideal for children ages 18 months and older. Outfitted in the popular John Deere green and yellow color scheme, these vehicles feature free rolling wheels and fully functional parts (moving dump bed and front loader).

  • Vehicle 2-pack includes a dump truck and a tractor with front loader. These vehicles both feature heavy-duty plastic construction with free rolling wheels.
  • Dump truck features a fully-functional, moving dump bed!
  • Tractor vehicle features a fully-functional front loader!

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20Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Newest Ocean Theme Play Tent with Tunnel Ball Pits 

Newest Ocean Theme 3Pcs Kids Play Tent with Tunnel Ball Pits, BUY NOW


This adorable play tent and kids Inflatable toy ball (Ocean Balls Not Included) is a perfect gift for all kids! Children can have their own space which is big enough for themselves. Kids can enjoy hours of fun. Encourage discovery and learning through active, creative and social play! 3 in 1 tent can accommodate more children to play. Accompanied by father and mother free combination play. Material: 100% polyester fabric & Spring Steel frame, without anything harmful for children, Easy to clean with damp cloth &mild soap. mesh design visualizes the view inside for watching out and Safe for your child to play in, parents can see the kids playing inside.

The play tent includes an ocean ball pool, a triangle tent and a tunnel tent. Each component can be used together or separately. Fast and easy setup/breakdown with no tools required. Suitable for kids to have fun at home, in the garden, in the park, backyard, party, daycare, and so on.

Lightweight and Portable, Pop up design makes it easy for quick set up and fold down. Comes with a zippered storage case is convenient storage when it is not in use. Lightweight makes it convenient to transport.

Play tent size: 31″(L)x31″(W)x35″(H) . Tunnel size: 45″(L)x17”(D); Ball pits size: 47″(L)x38″(W)x30”(H) ; Zippered storage case size/ Weight: 19”(D)/3lb, Inflatable toy ball:8.7”(D)

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21Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark 

Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark Gift Set, BUY NOW

Fisher Price

Noah built himself a floating zoo with lots of animals, two by two! The Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark Gift Set is a perfect way to help your child discover and recreate the classic story—or just have fun matching and caring for the animals! Toddlers will love opening and close the Ark door to load the animals and give them safe shelter! The deck of the Ark easily removes for play inside.

  • Toddlers can role-play the classic story as they pretend to be different animals, or even Noah himself!
  • Ark door opens so animals can climb aboard!
  • The ark’s deck can be removed for play inside, and easily pops back to store everything inside
  • Includes 17 little people figures Noah, and two elephants, lions, zebras, Giraffes, Turtles, pandas, Hippos, and Leopards
  • Little people figures are kid-sized – perfect for kid-sized hands!

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22Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Stacking Blocks Set With Sorting Shapes

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Stacking Blocks Set With Sorting Shapes, BUY NOW

Melissa & Doug

Nest the blocks, build a tower, and take shape-sorting fun to new heights! These multifunctional blocks have something new to explore on every side: a family of faces, drop-through tops, shape-sorter sides, and a school of sea creatures offer lots to discuss as children build vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. The sturdy plastic materials and contoured rims make it easier for little ones to place each block, building confidence along with coordination and balance. Creative cutouts in the cups and lid and a collection of shape pieces add to the fun, letting kids create their own shape-sorting activity—or build a tower and drop the shapes all the way through! A felt flap in the base provides sensory reinforcement as children reach in to retrieve the pieces, encouraging little hands to keep exploring, discovering, and learning with this exciting baby and toddler toy. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids toys nurture early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive, and social. With interactive designs and multisensory features, K’s Kids promotes constructive play and effortless learning, keeping interest high and new skills flourishing throughout the baby and toddler years!

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23Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – LEGO DUPLO Town Big Construction Site 

LEGO DUPLO Town Big Construction Site 10813 Best Toy for Toddlers, Large Building Block, BUY NOW


Little construction workers will love these 3 buildable machines. Clear the site with the tracked bulldozer, before tipping new building supplies from the truck. Then use the crane with its claw and posable arm to hoist bricks and construct a building. LEGO DUPLO large building blocks are specially designed to be safe for little hands. Includes 3 construction worker DUPLO figures to encourage lots of role-play fun.

This LEGO DUPLO Construction Site Set comes with 3 buildable machines – a tracked bulldozer, a tipper truck and a posable crane. Use the bulldozer to clear the site of debris, and then bring in the tipper truck to deposit building materials.

  • Tracked bulldozer.
  • Truck with tipping function and a crane with a rotating cabin.
  • Posable arm and working claw.
  • Plus! Lots of extra bricks for building fun.

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24Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – VTech Stack and Sing Rings

Vtech Stack and Sing Rings, BUY NOW


Stack the rings for a musical surprise with the Stack & Sing Rings by VTech. As your child builds motor skills by stacking the colorful rings, the interactive monkey will light up and play melodies and sing-along songs. The monkey also encourages your child to stack the rings with fun phrases that introduce colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Stacking rings have an encouraging monkey that lights up and plays melodies and sing-along songs; base wobbles for added challenge and fun
  • Fun sounds and songs play when the baby rings are stacked; discover numbers, colors, shapes, and music
  • 5 colorful rings and a variety of textures promote tactile development and baby play; infant learning stacker is great for baby
  • Baby stacking toy includes 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Baby learning toy is intended for babies and toddlers 6 months to 3 years of age; 

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25Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Chicco Pirate Chest Shape Sorter

Chicco Pirate Chest Shape Sorter, BUY NOW


The Pirate Chest Shape Sorter features six colorful and decorated shapes to insert into the relative holes. Just open the chest to withdraw the treasure and start the game. With four wheels and a cord so that little one can pull the toy and bring it with them anywhere.

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26Fun Gift Ideas For Toddlers – Wild Animals Set by LEGO DUPLO

Wild Animals Set for Understanding Animal Habitats by LEGO Education DUPLO, BUY NOW


Meet the exciting creatures of the Wild Animals Set. Preschoolers can explore many different themes from what the animals they eat to what they need to survive and prosper in their habitats. The set provides an imaginative way to talk about relationships between mothers and baby animals, and the needs of living creatures. The set provides hours of creativity and free play for a group of children.

Piece Count 104, Age 2-5

Click here to check out Wild Animals Set for Understanding Animal Habitats by LEGO Education DUPLO


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