Do you know different Easter traditions around the globe? This article will show you some amazing easter traditions all around the world…

The egg is the most well-known symbol of fertility, new life, and the start of a new beginning. Some customs have been around for centuries. Each culture decorates their eggs according to the customs that have been handed down for centuries. In all cultures, it remains true that “All life comes from an egg.” Eggs have been dyed and eaten in Persia, Greece, Rome and ancient Egypt. The egg is regarded as a representation of the universe and the continuation of life.

In America, we have the Easter Bunny, Easter tree, all the candy and the eggs. What about other easter traditions around the globe? Do they celebrate Easter too?

Americans have a well-known easter tradition as well. We travel to Washington DC to roll decorated wooden eggs on the lawn of the White House and then pretend the Easter Bunny hid them.

Scottish Easter Traditions

Children hard boil eggs and paint them on Easter Saturday. On Easter Sunday, they take the eggs to the top of a tall hill and have a race to see whose egg would get to the bottom first.

Hungarian Easter Traditions

Hungarian kids trade hard boiled eggs and then see who can be the first to throw a coin into the egg. It must stay in the egg and not just chip off the side of the shell. Pennies and dimes work the best.

Bulgarian Easter Traditions

Bulgarians crack eggs after midnight on Easter Sunday. The first one is cracked against the church wall, then everyone chooses their own egg. Each egg is cracked against another person’s egg and the one left with an unbroken egg will receive a year of good luck.

Greek Easter Traditions

The Greeks have a unique tradition. Everyone gathers at the midnight service and all the lights in the church are turned off. A priest comes in the church doors with a lighted candle and goes to the front pew and lights one person’s candle. In turn, the one candle lights the rest of the candles in the church. This represents the Light of the Resurrection and everyone receives it.

Polish Easter Traditions

In Poland, the Easter basket is the highlight of the day. The older family members make them for the younger ones. They are filled with Easter eggs, homemade bread, ham, butter lamb, and Polish sausages.

Finnish Easter Traditions

The Finnish greet their friend and family by whisking them with small willow twigs. This is done to wish them luck in the following year. Everyone had a turn and then on Easter Sunday, they would exchange eggs, candies, or money to repay the favor.

German Easter Traditions

In Germany, the eggs are pierced at the end and the yolk blown into a bowl. The now empty egg is dyed and hung from a tree as decoration.

Armenian Easter Traditions

Armenians decorate their eggs with pictures of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and other religious icons.

Austrian Easter Traditions

Austrians attach ferns and other plants to the egg. After they are boiled, the plants are removed and a white pattern is revealed on the shell.

English Easter Traditions

In England, boys and men would go out on Easter Eve and travel to town begging for eggs before performing an Easter play.

Belgian Easter Traditions

Belgium believes that the Bells of Rome bring the Easter Bunny and the eggs together. Because all the bells are in Rome, they have the “Stille Zaterdag” or the Silent Saturday.

Norwegian Easter Traditions

Norwegians have an interesting way of celebrating Easter. After going skiing in the mountains or decorating eggs for the baskets, they turn to solving murders. All of the media have murder stories and the people tried to solve the mysteries. TV, books, even milk cartons have some sort of murder story that needs to be solved.

There are many more easter traditions, but they are all done to honor the resurrection of Christ and celebrate his return to heaven.

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