Capture Everyday Moments with the Olympus PEN Ready Project

I’m in the Mamarazzi.

You know who we are. We’ve got big cameras, long lenses, and we shoot EVERYTHING. I take so many photos of my kids, my daughter says, “Get my good side, Mommy!” while other kids say, “Cheese!”

One of the challenges is that I love capturing every day moments and making them extraordinary.

Capturing tiny hands sneaking a treat:

Or catching a Superhero getting ready to take on the world

To show how easy it is for everyday people to take amazing pictures, Olympus gave more than 1,000 people a new Olympus PEN® E-PM1. It’s all part of The PEN Ready Project—more than 1,000 cameras, over 1,000 people, 6 cities.

The photos are amazing. Everyday moments – simply, but elegantly stated. To see what they shot, visit the PEN Ready Project.


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