About Mommy’s Fabulous

I used to have a really hard time telling people about myself and Mommy’s Fabulous when they asked: “What do you blog about?” Because the truth is, I write about a lot of things.

Mommy’s Fabulous is a blog about feeling fabulous even when you’re wearing spit up on your shoulder. It’s about embracing the just-noticed baby-breakfast stains on your shirt before work, and keeping your sanity through it all.

Mommy’s Fabulous is about feeling fabulous, even when you don’t look so glamorous.

It’s about remembering above everything else, you are a woman. And while you might have a demanding job as a mother, employee, wife or girlfriend, it’s important to stay true to you and who you are as a person.

I am PR-friendly on Mommy’s Fabulous, and if you would like me to introduce your brand, you can contact me directly at mommysfabulous.com @ gmail.com.

Above everything, I am constantly reminding myself that regardless of what I’ve done and where I’m going, I am me. I have a self, and it is fabulous.