There are a lot of times when you are confused about planning the future and pregnancy is one of those times. Women need to think about a lot of choices they have in terms of childbirth. Here are some tips that’ll help you make a decision in these matters.

1How to Prepare for a Baby: Pick your hospital

Where you will deliver is the biggest question that pregnant moms have to deal with. Choose a hospital which is nearest to you and that is comfortable for you since you’ll be spending quite an important part of your pregnant time there. Also, keep in mind that certain places are cheaper than the rest, so make sure to find out about any discounts before you jump in. Check with your insurance provider about the availability of your insurance and the coverage particularly.

2How to Prepare for a Baby: Antenatal classes

These are talks held by experts and doctors who teach about pregnancy, how you should prepare for labor & delivery, about parenting and lactation. Make sure to attend at least one of these. Most hospitals offer it as a part of the course or a package. It helps you clear your doubts and develop a better relationship with your spouse in understanding what you are going through.

3How to Prepare for a Baby: Breastfeeding consultation

Lactation experts often are provided at the time of delivery, but I suggest getting an opinion early on so that you know what to expect and what are things you can eat and avoid before your baby suffers. Also, it is a great change mentally to have a newborn latch on, and this consultation helps you understand the process better.

4How to Prepare for a Baby: Scans (Ultrasound)

One great expense that will be whirling around your pocket during the entire pregnancy will be getting those scans done. This is usually not a part of the insurance coverage and you might not need all of them. Speak to your doctor in advance, because most doctors after years of experience just go by the regular protocol where they have a set of rules to go by, without checking whether you really need it or not, so ask for customization.

5How to Prepare for a Baby: Choose your healthcare provider & your child’s

Your doctor or care provider is the most important part of your pregnancy planning because he/she then has the steering wheel of your pregnancy and can drive it in the right direction. Choice of options these days includes doctors(general), midwives (doulas), Obstetricians (Gynaecologists), or experienced friends and family. Along with this comes the responsibility of your child, so find a good doctor who can answer your questions. If possible, schedule a visit to get to know each other in the third trimester and see if he can help you in any decisions you might need help with.

6How to Prepare for a Baby: Vitamins in pregnancy

A lot of pregnancies get noticed later on when mothers miss that important time of development of the baby when he needs prenatal vitamins and supplements most. So take care not to lose time with it and start taking supportive nutrition before planning a baby. If you were not aware of the pregnancy, then make sure you get a doctor to speak and prescribe the necessary supplements. Usually, folic acid is prescribed to most women in the first trimester, calcium & iron supplements in the second trimester and any medications personally required for your body in the third trimester.

7How to Prepare for a Baby: Exercise or yoga sessions

Not all pregnant women can perform the same exercises as others. Some women are prohibited from exercise, depending on their case and condition. But if your doctor has allowed you to exercise, it is best to do so. Those who have been working out prior to pregnancy can continue the same but at a lighter pace, but be sure you don’t burn yourself out. Also lifting weights is strictly not permitted and certain other positions. Yoga and breathing exercises are specialized for pregnant ladies and you can join classes for the same that will help you develop a stamina for the labor & delivery process.

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