So I love the environment and being outdoors. But I know for sure everyone is not big in the great outdoors. However, in light of the very best season of the year FALL, I think it’s an awesome time to be outdoors and get some experience with some Green parenting skills.

So Fall is a great time to be outdoors because you need no sunscreen. It’s never that hot and if it gets a little chilly you can throw on a cute sweater and keep going and the meltdowns are never as bad from those desert heat tantrums that happen in the Summer.

The visuals of fall also bring with it some cool and calming colors that along with the food (Vitamin A infused) are great for your health; particularly your eyes and your skin!

For us, green parenting relates to getting outside with the preschoolers in school and at home. It is essential, and to keep it interesting here are some things we like to do


  • Plant some winter veggies like lettuce (Winter/Lambs); sugar snap peas; broad beans; rainbow carrots
  • These are a few interesting ones that you can use in the lunches you still have to make for these tricky kids and in any case, when they are out there checking on their veggies they might like to eat them in their food, even if you grind it to a pulp!

Dance and Drama

  • Put on a play or a dance or make up a song about all things autumn (pumpkins, Peter Rabbits in your vegetable gardens! Planting winter lettuce, leaves falling, leaves staying on, school’s out! And so on)
  • Let the kids be their own imaginative and playful self. Let them make an outdoor stage in your backyard and even dress up. Let them plan this performance so they practice for it and give you a break (great if you have more than one, or friends from the neighborhood to join in). Make it big and CLAP loud and cheer when they’re done. Don’t forget the apple cider ‘champagne for the STARS

Daily Physical Activity (LOL)

  • Your spin on the scavenger hunt or color walk (depending on your energy level) – are you working on any languages right now? Or are you working on numbers, math skills etc.?
  • Walking to find say 7 things of one color is one thing, but making it a little more challenging like all 7 things must be circles or like circles. Or use your 7 things to make letters. Just think about where your child is at. Have you ever made numbers by eating off pieces of pretzels?

Brain tease – Libraries are Cool Beans

  • Reading is cool but it’s even cooler when it’s just all about the one thing you wanted to know about the whole week! When the kids keep asking about one or two specific things, tell them to hold on to those thoughts and this fall you pick one topic at a time to go to the library and get books on that subject.
  • This way if your preschooler is starting to read on their own you can get one book at their level (if possible) and a ton that you can read to them each day and night for that week. Just see how much they love you now!

Fun in the Leafs

  • Your front yard or backyard is the best-kept secret for fun. Let the leaves fall down, and then JUMP! Leaf Labyrinths are fun to make; they tire out everyone and are super to walk through once you are done. Make a wish when you get to the center or say a prayer for someone far away!
  • Create new designs for chalk hopscotch on your driveway such as spider-web hopscotch; honeycomb hopscotch; maple leaf hopscotch. You’ve got the idea!

Building on our experience we ask that you take time to get interactive outside with light green parenting during the autumn season with your little ones. Have a Happy Fall!!.


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