Wooden Baby Toys are amazing for the development of your baby or toddler. It is always a joy to see children playing outside under the sun or even inside the home. But you won’t probably have the same kind of feelings when you see kids spending hour after hour playing online games on a tablet PC while lying down on the sofa or sitting outside under a tree.

But unfortunately, this is the sad reality that parents and teachers are seeing and experiencing now. Everywhere, children even as young as two years old, are more interested and invested in playing computer and online games or apps. That’s why when you see kids playing hopscotch in a house’s parking lot or even kicking around a football on the lawn, you can’t certainly help smiling.

But even if a child is not the outdoorsy type, you can still help him or she be more mentally stimulated and learn through the use of educational toys. There are many educational toys that promote active and effective learning. These smart educational supplies come in the form of “didactic” materials like wooden educational toys, blocks, Legos, and play kitchens that children can observe details of, smell, hear distinct sounds from, and manipulate to create and promote “learning situations.”

And if you are looking for toys to help stimulate learning for your kids, many parents and early development experts are recommending choosing wooden-made toys. Below are some of the reasons on why you should choose to give kids wooden educational toys play with:

Wooden toys are simply safer for children to play with and to have around. You regularly read news about toys being pulled out of retail stores because they contain lead or other chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. Most of the time, these toys are made of plastic or other synthetic materials. Wooden toys are, of course, made of wood, a natural product and therefore, do not contain lead or any other dangerous chemicals.

Wooden toys are now more environmentally safe and friendly. The wooden toys that you see in shops or online are now mostly made from renewable sources such as tree farms. As such, you don’t have to worry about a tree being cut down unnecessarily so that some wooden blocks or trains can be made out of it. Plastic toys, on the other hand, are and will always remain non-biodegradable and they release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and the environment.

Wooden toys highly encourage a child to learn. Wooden toys present the very basic concept of things young learners can actually build upon. They also provide children the experience of quiet playing and further promotes a more effective and successful learning process for the young ones.


My Pick of the Top Wooden Toys in 2017

1Wooden Baby Toys: Lewo Wooden Stacking Blocks Baby Toddlers Toys Building Balance Games for Kids

Lewo Wooden Stacking Blocks Baby Toddlers Toys Building Balance Games for Kids, 


An adorable all wooden balancing game for 1 to 4 players, the boat size is 7.5x 3.3 inches.
Including 12 pcs animals blocks and 1 boat, stack fun animal shapes like the lion, elephant, crocodile, tortoise, hippo, and fox. Take turns to place as many animals on the boat without any falling. The last to successfully add a block wins!

Keeping the balance of the boat develops fine motor skills while encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving. All-natural wood pieces with bright, bold colors. Develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity

Ages 3 and up


2Wooden Baby Toys: Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube for Toddlers

Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube for Toddlers, 


The Hape Little Critters Play Cube is a kid-approved favorite for learning and fun! With four unique sides with features such as inserting shapes, guiding favorite friends through a maze, spinning, and more, the play cube fascinates and delights toddlers. Encourage your child to recognize shapes, colors, and more as they develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. Kids will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning! Made of quality wood construction and finished with non-toxic details, this is a piece that is sure to be in your family for years to come.

Ages 12 months – 6 years


3Wooden Baby Toys: Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy

Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy, 


The Walk-A-Long Pull Toys are made to grow with your child. Designed with toddlers in mind, this rolling pup is also the perfect companion for your baby just starting to crawl. Scoot across the floor and push your animal friend as you go. As your child grows, this walk-a-long puppy is ready for the journey alongside your trotting toddler. Young children can take their little friend for a walk around the house with the rubber-rimmed wheels made to protect floor surfaces. Take a fleet of friends for a walk with the other walk-a-long toys from Hape. Your child is sure to have a good time with this low-maintenance pet. See where your feet – and imagination – will take you!

Ages 12 month – 3 years


4Wooden Baby Toys: Hape Rocker Puppy Ride-On

Hape Rocker Puppy Ride-On, 


Rocking and riding are foundational to walking. Each phase of movement in a child’s life is essential for the development of motor skills. From laying on their back with extended limbs to scooting and crawling across the floor, your child is on their way to walking! When kids start climbing, be prepared with the Rocker Puppy from Hape to help them move into the next developmental stage – balance. Rocker toys emphasize coordination and balance, as well as build arm and leg strength. Kids can gradually gain confidence and understanding in their bodies. This Puppy Ride-On also provides a foundation for imaginative play. Your child will be off and running (and riding) in no time!

Ages 3 to 12 years


5Wooden Baby Toys: Wooden Pull Along Toy Set Of 3

Wooden Pull Along Toy Set Of 3- Beautiful Giraffe, Elephant & Zebra Pull Along Toy For Baby Boy & Girl, 

Ray´s Toys

Pull along toys promote balance, hand-eye coordination and encourage early walking, while vivid colors are proven to be beneficial for babies eye development. In addition, the unisex design of these toys makes them a perfect choice for baby boys and girls, who have the opportunity to have a little pet always with them for years to come and go. Give them to your baby with peace of mind; meeting the international toy safety standards, you have nothing to worry about!

Designed to make any baby over 1 year old happier, this set includes 3 beautiful wooden pull along toys in the most colorful and vivid designs. In this kit you will find: an elephant, a giraffe and a zebra, all packed individually in elegant clear boxes. With this value pack of 3, you can:

  • Place one animal in a different room so your little one can always have something great to play with.
  • Give it to your baby one by one, so they will never get bored at it.
  • Offer it as a gift for another baby!
Ages: 12 Month and Up!


6Wooden Baby Toys: Lewo Wooden Animals Stacking Blocks

Lewo Wooden Animals Stacking Blocks Balancing Games Playset Montessori Toy for Toddlers, 


Full of hours of fun for your little one, featuring animals such as elephant, tiger, giraffe, lion, panda, crocodile, flamingo, and gorilla.

Keep the balance of the boat, develops fine motor skills while encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving. Pieces are brightly painted and sturdy enough to stand up for some fun interactive play. Smooth edges of each shape, made out of sustainable wood.

The shapes themselves are the perfect size for little hands, and everything is built to stand up to the rigors of toddler play!

Suitable for ages 3 and up!


7Wooden Baby Toys: Hape Dancing Butterflies Toddler Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Hape Dancing Butterflies Toddler Wooden Push and Pull Toy, 


The colorful version of the classic push toy will give hours of fun while providing a great form of exercise. Includes a handle to push, spinning butterflies, two wheels, and a rainbow of colors. Develops coordination, balance, and motor skills.

Recommended for ages 12 months and up


8Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks Kid’s Wooden Stacking Toy

Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks Kid’s Wooden Stacking Toy, 


New from Hape toys, the Fantasia Castle Blocks are sure to delight your emerging builders! Designed to combine classic shapes with new and exciting challenges, these blocks provide the perfect amount of challenge for kids to develop their engineering skills. Encourages kids to expand their horizons as they learn what shapes can balance on each other, and interact in a playful way with balance and force. Finished with whimsical colors and designs, this is one toy that is sure to become a favorite!

For ages 2 to 4 years


9Wooden Baby Toys: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker, 

Melissa & Doug

Learning to walk is a joyful event, and the Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy makes it even more fun. With sturdy construction, this handcrafted wooden toy serves as a playful, dependable tool to help children ages one and up work on motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination, and take their first steps.

The push toy encourages exploration and discovery. Three green gators in a blue pool are the centerpieces of the toy, and each of the four wheels features a multicolored fish that appears to be swimming as the wheels turn. A wooden handle extends from the back of the base and includes colorful details of cattails and butterflies on its supports. Butterfly and ladybug beads attached to the supports are fun for little hands to slide and spin.

With each step your child takes, the alligators take turns opening and closing their mouths with a gentle clacking noise. The alligators’ noise and animation encourage movement and development of gross motor skills while spinning, sliding beads on the handle supports help improve fine motor skills.

Ages 12 month – 2 years


10Wooden Baby Toys: BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set

BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set, 


It’s time for the youngest train drivers to track down some new fun! This is the perfect BRIO Railway starter pack. Take the joyful train on a ride over or under the interesting, rainbow-colored suspension bridge and explore all the different layouts you can build. Perfect for the inquisitive toddler.

The ‘My First’ Railway Beginner Pack is the ideal first set for a playful toddler. It includes ascending wooden track so trains can go up and down, a colorful bridge and a wagon that makes a lively noise. Finished in bright red and green this toy will spark creativity and help develop hand-eye coordination.

Suitable for ages 18 months and up.


11Wooden Baby Toys: Hape Counting Stacker Toddler Wooden Stacking Block Set

Hape Counting Stacker Toddler Wooden Stacking Block Set, 


Education and entertainment combine in this best-selling, innovatively designed toy! The Counting Stacker from Hape provides children a simple way to practice counting and colors while having fun. Stack each wooden block by color, using the numbers on the base to find where each color belongs. Encourages the development of basic color recognition and fine motor skills, and helps children learn to count.

Made with wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. Durable child-safe paint finish and solid wood construction make this a toy your child will love for years to come. Hape toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

Ages 12 month – 3 years


12Kids Building Blocks Toys Set –  iPlay, iLearn

Kids Building Blocks Toys Set, 72 PCS Wood Blocks – iPlay, iLearn, 

iPlay, iLearn

Perfect size for learning, arts, and crafts playing games, drawing and more. These blocks stack and balance well together and create all sorts of castles, cabins, garages, or whatever you and your little one can imagine. 🙂 Parent welcome kids to share their works with them. Increase communication between parents and children.

Inspiring classic creativity and improving dexterity, the classic wooden block set and carry case includes 13 different shapes for your children to build to their heart’s content. Their imagination will run wild creating unique masterpieces with the variety of shapes, each the perfect size for children to handle: square, rectangle, circle, half-circle, triangle, cylinder, arch, and more! The toy also can serve as “a communication tool” for the young and old.

The hardwood block is sturdy, solid and safe for kids.

Recommended age: 24 months to 7 years old


13Wooden Baby Toys: HABA Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks with Acoustic Sounds

HABA Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks with Acoustic Sounds, 

Perk up your ears! A lot of different sounds can be heard. Squeaking, clacking, rattling, tinkering.. each cube awaits with a different acoustic effect. In this way, early perception and musicality are fostered. Contents: 6 discovery blocks with different acoustic effects. Pieces made of solid beech wood and colored with a non-toxic water based stain.

Recommended Age: 12 months and up


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