Do you know the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy? The news of being pregnant brings with it a lot of joy and a great sense of responsibility. If you are expecting, you have to take some precautions in order to make sure your baby remains safe. Aside from taking other measures, you also need to choose your diet carefully. Given below are 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy:

1Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Alcohol

While you are pregnant, you mustn’t have even a drop of alcohol. Having alcohol while you are pregnant can cause birth defects and child abnormalities, which is something you don’t want to experience.

2Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Caffeine

Too much of caffeine is not good for your baby’s health. Among other disadvantages of caffeine is that it keeps you awake depriving you of sleep. Drinking more than one cup of coffee can raise your risk of abortion. Moreover, your baby may not be able to gain enough weight due to your consumption of caffeine.

3Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Raw Meat

You should stay away from all types of uncooked meat including seafood, chicken, and pork. Again, the raw meat may contain coli that can make you sick.

4Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Raw Eggs

Raw eggs are rich in bacteria that may cause food poisoning. The Salmonella virus causes a lot of diseases, such as gastroenteritis and typhoid fever. Instead of raw eggs, you may want to have pasteurized eggs.

5Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Unripe Papaya

Fruits including unripe papaya may contain parasites. To be on the safe side, you should wash fruits before eating. Besides, make sure you go for only ripe papaya, as unripe papaya may cause uterine contraction.

6Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Pineapples

Rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, pineapples are not good for pregnant women. Pineapples are said to cause pregnancy loss and diarrhea. So, this food shouldn’t be on your diet list as long as you are pregnant.

7Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Meat

If you love your new baby, keep away from meat. As said earlier, all types of meat may get infected with coli bacteria, and these bacteria can cause harm to your baby. Freshly cooked meat is not that bad, but don’t eat reheated meat.

8Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Fish

Fish are good for health, but you may not want to eat sea fish, as it contains mercury content, which can cause harm to your nerves and brain. In the end, it is your baby that will get negatively impacted.

9Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Cigarettes

Cigarettes smoking may hamper the growth of your unborn baby. If you are a heavy smoker, quit this habit for the sake of your baby.

10Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Milk and fruit juices

You can drink pasteurized milk and fresh yogurt if you want to, but don’t go for cheese or raw milk. Moreover, if you love drinking juices, go for pasteurized juices only.

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